Site investigation in line with current coal Authority regulations

Recent changes to the coal authority regulations has meant that drilling into coal workings now has to be done using water flush drilling, this is a longer and more complicated process but one that Ground Support Services has endeavoured to become the market leader in with regards to speed and the professionalism of the operation.

Site investigation in Chesterfield

Ground Support Services has extensive experience undertaking site investigation work in chesterfield, our close relationship with Groundsmiths (UK) Ltd and BCN Consultancy make us the best choice to undertake your drilling works.

Site investigation using Air Flush Drilling

If the area in question is believed to have been worked for other purposes other than coal, such as iron stone then traditional air flush drilling can be used, this process is much quicker than water drilling and makes use of a percussion hammer.


Where areas of land need to be tested for strength such as stone quarries, ground support services uses the coring technique to take samples of the land which can then be examined by an engineer to calculate its properties.

Single Penetration testing

In order to determine the strength of the land a single penetration test is sometimes required, this works by using a set weight to strike the ground behind a cone, the test is done until the weight is dropped for the 50th time without moving, this is deemed to be refusal, an engineer can then use this information to determine the density of the land.

Peizometer installation

Peizometers are used in various different applications to measure gas and or water in the land from tips or abandoned coal workings.


Augurs are used in areas of heavy clay where normal drilling techniques have proved to be unsuccessful, they cut a clean hole and unlike drilling rods augurs are much less likely to become trapped due to the clay squeezing them.


Due to continued investment in equipment, Ground Support Services now has 115mm, 140mm, 190mm and 240mm Odex Piling capability

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